Welcome to our new website. We felt that it was time for a change!

New North For Men website

As the leading contemporary mens hair salon in Guiseley we have enhanced our web presence to better reflect the feel of our urban barber shop and the innovative styling concepts that we deliver to our clients.

A business full of creative stylists – we know the importance of keeping things fresh.

We teamed up with local digital agency Defthaus for our upgrade and we would love to know what you think.

Our first blog will guide you around the website, introducing you to each of the important parts that make up North For Men.

Want to know more about us? Explore our past present and future here. Originally started right here in Guiseley by Richard Norths father, we have definitely stood the test of time. The traditional values that made the local barber shop a central part of the community are still held firm at North For Men. Everyone is made welcome, young, old, locals and those from further afield alike.

We couldn’t create this kind of atmosphere without our team. You can find out the inside track here. Whilst North For Men is a contemporary environment, there is no stuffiness. This crazy bunch are always ready with a big smile, a warm welcome and many tales to tell.

Discover what we can do for you by visiting our services page. We aim to provide a bespoke service for our clients, if you need some guidance or can’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call or pop in to chat it through.

Have we twisted your arm yet? Click here to find all the details that you’ll need to get booked in and to navigate your way here! Whilst you’re at it, we’d love to connect with you on social media. You can access our Facebook,Twitter and Instagram accounts from every page. If you’re feeling super friendly, we love to get selfies of our styling too!

2 Comments on “Welcome to our new website. We felt that it was time for a change!”

  1. Hi Everyone,
    A Bit of Nostalgia for you
    I used to live in the ‘Prefabs’ at Shakespeare Close in Guiseley, and It was way back in 1957, when I was 11 years old, that I first visited ‘Dougie’ North’s in Towngate. My father had previously cut my hair with hand clippers until he once nicked my ear with them and I said to him “no more, I’m going to ‘Dougies’ from now on”. This I did until we moved to Durham in the early 60’s. I am now retired and have lived in Bulgaria for the past 20 years but unfortunately I have never returned to Guiseley for any length of time to call in for ‘a trim’.
    However, I am planning to visit my mother next year on what will be her 96th birthday, and still lives in the area, so I do intend to visit ‘Norths’.
    If I remember correctly the price for a ‘short back and sides’ in 1957 was 1shilling (5p).
    I am hoping this hasn’t changed much since then……Lol
    kind regards

    1. Hi Brian,
      Sadly, my father Dougie is no longer with us, but my wife (Lisa) and I are now running North. It would be great to see you when you visit, but please bear in mind we have moved premises and are now based at the other end of Town Street. It would also be advisable to book an appointment, which you can do by phone or online. Oh, and the price has gone up a few bob! See you next year! Richard.

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