Choosing and using the right products for your hair

Muk hair styling products for Men

Here at North For Men our customers stride out of the salon perfectly styled with every hair in the right place.

We want you to feel this good in-between visits too. The trouble is, lots of men struggle to recreate that salon fresh look at home. This is where the right products come in.

The key to the right product is knowing exactly what hair type you have and having a clear idea of how you want your hair to look.

We use American Crew and MUK products in the salon, they offer the most comprehensive choice for us as stylists and the finest quality for you, our customers. We don’t “upsell” and we never push products that we don’t think you’d benefit from, so please feel free to ask next time you’re in for a snip.

Otherwise, why not pop in and let one of our experienced male hair stylists take a look at your hair and talk through your options? Or if you’re too far away we have put a few rules of thumb together below that will help you choose. (Find out how to get to us here.)

Identifying your hair type

It’s all about the thickness of your hair. Fine hair needs much lighter products (sprays and creams), thicker hair needs the heavier stuff (paste and wax).

Matte or Shine?
As above, you need to know your hair type for this too but it’s also worth thinking about what style you usually go for. More textured styles often work best with a product that will you give a matte finish. If you’re the type of guy who has a slicker more formal style, higher shine gel products could be the perfect choice for you. Not forgetting curly hair, light creams will provide a good shine without weighing down your locks.

The finish

Finishing products give you ultimate control and are best kept for those of us who like to have every last strand of hair in the right place.

Don’t forget that we are here to help. Unless you live with a stylist, the only way to get salon hair at home is if you have the right product and someone in the know has explained how to use it.

Call us to book in for a consultation.